Abel Okugawa
Sound Wizard || Music Producer || Digital Arts
You found me, Enjoy my Music and Art
I specialize in creating cinematic sound experiences through NFTs, Film & Interactive Projects.
... everyday is a new chapter
Lo-Fi Moments Hi-Fi Feelings
Each NFT is a vignette into a moment in time steeped in feeling. Somewhere familiar yet unknown, from a time we remember, but which hasn’t happened yet, or maybe is reoccurring through a glitch in time-space. The music meets the visual in this series, to create the “Lo-Fi Moments Hi-Fi Feelings” collection.
The main set of tracks is a collaboration with my longtime friend and colleague, SAWCHAK. The images he captured with his homemade infrared camera transported me to a new place, where I found and created the soundtrack for that moment. Putting sound and picture together has always fascinated me and brings a very satisfying sense of completion when I find the perfect fit.
The special track "Space to Breathe" is a song written by Red Flower Lake in 2020. We never know what will happen when we take risks, but we do know that without risks being taken, the unknown may never manifest. This remix is that manifestation.
Runtime Compilation
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Each NFT has a short backstory based on a courier's experience living in Neo Metropolis, the cyberpunk world where the music is produced and originates.​​​​​​​
I’ve been creating music for use in film and visual art for most of my life. The excitement of joining the NFT community is getting to create magical collaborative works with my favorite artists and friends!​​​​​​​
This sparked the idea for a series of NFTs which were designed from the ground up for collaboration.

Dream Eater Sold OUT!!
​​​​​​​Dream Eater b. 2022
Inside our minds the gears turn, I imagine my thoughts and dreams coming from a type of machine. Late at night this machine ticks away calculating the most intricate patterns and powerful sweeps of inspiration. The spirit never sleeps, only eats when we dream. ​​​​​​​
Fresh_Cut NFT​​​​​​​ - SOLD OUT!
"Art is my anchor, music is my ship."
This song is born from the inspiration of finding what brings me in, what livens up my day, sometimes I need a little intense motivation in the form of deep beats, the vibration of music sets me right. Dub music is a huge influence on me, the sounds and tones Dub music culture create are exciting and attractive to my ear and heart. Putting me on my own path of sound wizardry, mixing sounds and styles together to create new flavors, beats and textures for your ears to feel and your mind to wander.
Fresh_Cut by Abel Okugawa b. 1981
Shown Down NFT - SOLD OUT
Death of The Credit Card : 1/1 Available on FND

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Heart Like Gold Lock Box 
Obscura Collective
Red Flower Lake - Electro Pop Duo
Abel Okugawa Instrumentals + Beats
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